Repair Services Associate II in Bentonville, AR at GDH

Date Posted: 11/7/2019

Job Snapshot

Job Description


Pay Rate: 15.00
Bill Rate: 20.70

2nd shift: : Sunday - Thursday 3:00pm-11:30pm

•2nd shift can start on Sundays or Mondays only

•2nd shift starts at their scheduled time

Tech OT: per HM: 'its very fluid for techs I will just touch on the mandatory for now. For first shift, teams that are on mandatory 16hrs a week of overtime the techs have to do 10hr days and 6hrs on Saturday, also on some teams we do just mandatory 10hrs a week, which the techs can do during the week with 10hr days or do 4hrs through the week then do 6 on Saturday. For second shift since they work Sun-Thurs , instead of Saturday its Friday. Not all teams are on mandatory overtime its situational depending on customer demand'

IMPORTANT: Repair Tech is now called Repair Services Associate II

Good selling point to your candidates - Bentonville is very good at taking quality contractors perm.

14.50 Pay Rate
20.01 Bill Rate

Update on required experience:
In the past, we have received numerous resumes for people with no applicable experience for the jobs we have. Even after repeated explanations, we still received lots of people with HVAC experience, electricians or ones that can build a PC.

Requires actual bench repair experience; time sitting at a bench repairing electronics. We get lots of computer guys or cable guys or electricians. We repair handheld electronic devices at a bench all day and have production standards that every technician must meet. Its repetitious and fast-paced.?


The Repair Technician I is a Service Operations position responsible for support of both pre and post sale services activities. Under general supervision, tasks will include: maintenance, troubleshooting, retrofits, upgrades/changes, and repair of products. Tasks associated with this position are performed within the Service Center.

1.Performs changes and retrofits on customers equipment in conjunction with routine maintenance.
2. Diagnoses most equipment problems using appropriate tools, test equipment, and documentation.
3. Performs miscellaneous duties as assigned.
4. Accurate / timely return of repair paperwork and parts kits.
5. Performs work duties in accordance with accepted safety procedures, and corporate policies.
6. Adheres to established ESD guidelines, repair procedures, and associated safety standards.

• Knowledge of but not limited to:
Soldering Iron
Volt/Ohm Meter
Common Hands Tools

• Good working knowledge of PC and applicable software such as MS-Word, MS-Excel, and Outlook preferred but not required.

Completion of a two year Electronics Technology degree or equivalent experience is desirable but not required.

Reminder of dress code:
Dress code: Inappropriate attire includes but is not limited to: bare midriffs (i.e., halter tops, tube tops, tied up shirts), short/t-shirt type tank tops, ripped or torn clothing, see-through or extremely tight clothing, short miniskirts/dresses, low-rise clothing, shorts, athletic shorts, capris, sweat shirts and clothes with obscenities and/or vulgarities. Torn, dirty, ragged or faded clothing of any kind and items of casual attire that do not present a businesslike appearance are also unacceptable. Hair (including facial hair) should be clean, combed, and neatly trimmed or arranged regardless of length. Large tattoos and extreme body piercings should be removed or covered during business hours.

Any person working in, entering, or passing through any Production or Warehouse area is required to wear fully enclosed shoes with heels of 1 inch or less. Safety considerations are a priority. Employees are to use good judgment for their working environment and avoid wearing clothing that might create safety hazards. Hairstyles and accessories, such as loose jewelry, or clothing that is too loose or too restrictive may be prohibited for safety reasons.
Shift Type: Evening Shift